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Madison’s Chocolate Chip Cookies

Madison has always had a desire to be in the kitchen with me and helping me cook or bake. The last couple of years she has started to make more and more things on her own. Her banana cream pie is amazing. I wish I could make scrambled eggs like she does. She can make…

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Banana Cake

I met my best friend Amy in college. We had a class together and a mutual friend. So basically we were destined to be together. I started going to visit her family in Texas within a few months of us becoming friends. I immediately fell in love with everyone and felt so at home. Her…

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Guinness Cupcakes

Going to St. James’s Gate Brewery aka Guinness Storehouse, is an experience in and of itself. But then you add in the food options available and it takes it to a whole new level! The first time Troy and I went to St. James’s Gate, Madison was just 15 months old. We loved learning about…

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