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Great-Grandma Jones’ Pot Roast

Florence Rilma Edwards Jones is my great grandma. She passed away when I was 17 years old. I have lots of memories with Grandma Jones. I remember her home perms in the kitchen, she was always in a dress, she loved to wear beautiful crochet shawls, she gave big, tight hugs, she loved to read…

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Guinness Cupcakes

Going to St. James’s Gate Brewery aka Guinness Storehouse, is an experience in and of itself. But then you add in the food options available and it takes it to a whole new level! The first time Troy and I went to St. James’s Gate, Madison was just 15 months old. We loved learning about…

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Recipe of the Week – Scotch-a-roos!

Scotch-a-roos are an under-apprecited and relatively unknown treat. I was lucky enough to grow up with Kimberly Kosorok in my life. She single-handedly cemented my obession with scotch-a-roos AND Pride and Prejudice. The most basic description I can give is they are like rice crispy treats on crack. Peanut butter, rice crispies, chocolate, and butterscotch.…

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