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Preventing Storm Damage from Fallen Trees.

Last week I noticed a tree within striking distance of our home, garage, and shop, had started leaning towards the house more than I thought was safe. I text Jeff Mckillop at Tolt Tree Care, a couple of pictures of the tree, and he and his crew came out right away! I have known and…

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New Homes= Growth and Opportunity.

I recently met with a new client who has some great plans for building wealth in Real Estate. One of the first things they said was that they were looking for a “good deal” and even said it a bit tongue in cheek, knowing that this seems somewhat impossible these days. From my perspective its…

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7 Reasons to Buy New Construction.

Get A Great Deal New Construction does not have competition like resales do. Depending on the size of the development there lots of inventory to choose from. The builder doesn’t play the multiple offer game, because they have more than one house to sell. They will adjust their pricing on their next release of homes…

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