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Great-Grandma Jones’ Pot Roast

Florence Rilma Edwards Jones is my great grandma. She passed away when I was 17 years old. I have lots of memories with Grandma Jones. I remember her home perms in the kitchen, she was always in a dress, she loved to wear beautiful crochet shawls, she gave big, tight hugs, she loved to read…

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Pumpkin Spice Donuts

Everyone loves a good holiday tradition, right?! Well apparently my sweet mother in law, Lucy, started a tradition when TL when he was a boy of making pumpkin donuts with orange frosting on Halloween. I have heard him make mention of this a few times over the years, but it was always to his mother…

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What is Raspberry Freazy Jam?

Every late June/early July, I start checking Harvold Farms in Carnation Facebook page for updates on their raspberry picking.¬†This is a tradition in our family that dates back decades and several generations. Okay maybe not. But several of my cousins did work at the berry stands and my Grandma, Aunt, and Mother have all picked…

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Neah Bay 2018

TL AND CO. GOES TO NEAH BAY!! For several years now my friends and I have fished opening day for Halibut, in Neah Bay. Its almost always guaranteed limits of fish and has always been an excellent guys trip. This year I was able to talk the family into coming along and making it a…

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