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The Cold Shower Challenge.

The person who stands in front of a cold shower "stoic" showing no emotion or pain, is a true SAVAGE! What you focus on expands, so if you think it sucks, it will only get worse. You think the cold cares about you? It doesn't.

Snohomish Garden Center

Troy and I had made plans with his brother and girlfriend to have lunch around noon in Snohomish. Well we got to Snohomish about an hour ahead of schedule and decided to wander around the Snohomish Garden Center. It is GORGEOUS!! This place is family owned and operated. It is full of beautiful flowers, vegetable…

Micro Goals 2019

How often do we hear the phrase, New Year, New You? Seriously what is wrong with the current me?! There is always so much pressure at the end of a year, beginning of the next to set these huge goals. Like I’m going to go to the gym everyday and lose 100 lbs by May…

Preventing Storm Damage from Fallen Trees.

Last week I noticed a tree within striking distance of our home, garage, and shop, had started leaning towards the house more than I thought was safe. I text Jeff Mckillop at Tolt Tree Care, a couple of pictures of the tree, and he and his crew came out right away! I have known and…

Christmas in Leavenworth

Leavenworth Washington is a gorgeous little bavarian town in the middle of the North Cascade Mountains. The trip is just over an hour and a half drive over hwy 2 from Monroe. The drive through the mountains is worth the drive. The roaring river along the highway and the cute towns you drive through along…

Great-Grandma Jones’ Pot Roast

Florence Rilma Edwards Jones is my great grandma. She passed away when I was 17 years old. I have lots of memories with Grandma Jones. I remember her home perms in the kitchen, she was always in a dress, she loved to wear beautiful crochet shawls, she gave big, tight hugs, she loved to read…