Troy and I had made plans with his brother and girlfriend to have lunch around noon in Snohomish. Well we got to Snohomish about an hour ahead of schedule and decided to wander around the Snohomish Garden Center. It is GORGEOUS!! This place is family owned and operated. It is full of beautiful flowers, vegetable starts, fruit trees, and pretty much every type of bush you could imagine.

We wandered through the fruit trees, berry bushes and plants, and the vegetable starts before heading into the greenhouse to check out the flowers. It’s a little early to buy most of the vegetable starts that we want to get since we don’t have a greenhouse, but we will definitly be getting them from Snohomish Garden Center. They have 60 varieties of tomatoes! It’s amazing!!! I am very excited to get our vegetable garden started but in the meantime, we are focusing on the wonderful hanging baskets. Everywhere you look there are beautiful baskets with so much variety. The perfect Mother’s Day gift…hint hint!

This local business is a definite most go! Check out the flowers! If you aren’t sure you want to start a garden this year, but want some pretty flowers around, the hanging baskets are a great, easy way to do just that. Also don’t forget to have a few dog treats in your pocket to spoil the FIVE sweet pups that live at there too!

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